The dwarves have a saying “What comes out of the earth belongs to the Dwarf King”, but their other saying, “Better pay up what you owe us or we’ll break your knees.” is just as memorable, if not as poetic.

Thus comes the founding of a new town called Hammer Falls – named after the very water source that powers it. The place is a hotbed of activity since one of the local dwarven mines discovered a rich vein of orichalicum – which had been thought to be a lost metal.


Now dwarves, miners, adventurers and craftsmen are all heading to this northern frontier. Winter is closing in, and the wasteland to the northwest is just as bleak as the demon-infested hellswamps to the southwest. But still, miners, craftsmen and adventurers head for this new outpost, to find their fortunes.

The Mines of Moonwreck

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